Rechargeable Hearing Aid


New revolutionary rechargeable in the ear hearing aid system.

The latest developed LI- polymer battery technology is now available in an excellent inexpensive hearing aid that is both affordable and superior to hearing aids commonly available.

This is not a toy... it is a serious well made highly effective hearing aid and amplifier.

You no longer have to pay the price to replace expensive hearing aid batteries again & again....your hearing aid can be recharged over and over again at virtually no cost.

This is a truly "GREEN" hearing aid..... which means no batteries end up in the trash... no more trips to the store to buy more..... no more running out of batteries for your hearing aid.

Your amazing hearing aid system is made up of the hearing aid, the rechargeable power cube, and the computer USB cable which plugs into the USB port of your computer.

Here is how it works:

You connect the power cube to the USB port of your computer and charge the LI-Polymer battery in the cube for 3-5 hours.   When the power light goes off, your cube now has the power to recharge your hearing aid for 4 times.  Insert your hearing aid into the power cube  and recharge it for 2-5 hours and it now has the power to provide you with excellent amplification for 8-24 hours. Take the cube with you anyware makes it easy to carry your hearing aid with you and provides safe storage.

And while you are storing it your hearing aid is being recharged!

This is truly a revolutionary hearing aid system and we are proud to offer it to you.